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Background Questionnaire for Renters

TU Darmstadt Wohnraumservice (Housing Services) aids you in your search for an apartment/flat on the private market. We arrange for flats for new TU Darmstadt professors, for researchers who come to TU Darmstadt from abroad, as well as for international students who are new at TU Darmstadt.

In order to find a flat which meets your requirements and wishes, we require the following information. Please fill out the following questionnaire completely, otherwise there will be delays in processing your request. Since the market for flats in the Darmstadt area is very limited, we are not able to guarantee that your requirements will be met in every case.

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I hereby declare that I agree to my details being stored in the database of the TU-Darmstadt computer centre by the Wohnraumservice for the purpose of processing the query. The data is stored in encrypted form and can be viewed only by the Wohnraumservice. This declaration of consent can be revoked at any time. When service activities are complete, my data set is made anonymous, i.e. all personal data, including my identity, is deleted. Only data which is relevant for statistical purposes will be kept.
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Other helpful information about desired flat

The demand for flats often exceeds supply. In order to provide you with a flat that most closely meets your needs, we ask you to rate the following criteria in order of importance to you. If each criterion is of equal importance, you must be prepared to pay a higher amount of rent.
The most important thing to me is:
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